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ASNEngr-Call for Nomination

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ASNEngr American Society of Nepalese Engineers

Founded in 2007 http://www.ASNEngr.org

[email protected]

May 18, 2020

Dear members of ASNEngr, and Nepali Engineering and Scientific Community:

The two-year term of the current Officers and Society Directors of the American Society of Nepalese Engineers (ASNEngr) expires in June 30, 2020. The election of the new slate of these positions need to be completed and results declared before the end of June 2020.

At this time, the Nomination/Election Committee of ASNEngr invites nominations for the election of the members of the Board of Directors (Officers and Society Directors) as shown below. Please do not reply to this ASNEngr group e-mail; instead please go to the following website to fill out the nomination form.


You may also e-mail your nominations directly to the Nomination/Election Committee at [email protected] by May 28, 2020.

I. Officers for two-year term:
(a) President
(b) Vice-President
(c) General Secretary
(d) Treasurer
(e) Joint Secretary
(f) Information Secretary

II. Society Directors for two-year term:
(a)  Society Directors (Maximum 30 positions)

When sending your nomination(s), please provide the following information about the nominee(s) and nominator:

About the nominee(s)
1.   Position nominated (please see above under (I) and (II):
2.   Full name
3.   Job title, affiliation
4.   Contact address
5.   Phone number
6.   E-mail address
7.   ASNEngr membership status
8.   A brief introduction including his/her educational background, professional qualifications, professional experience, and current position.

About the nominator

1.   Full name
2.   E-mail address
3.   Phone number
4.   ASNEngr membership status
5.   Have you received consent from the nominee(s)?

You may send your nomination for one or more position (s). Please note that only members in good standing (that is, those who have paid their dues) are eligible to send nominations, be nominated, and vote. Make sure that you have received consent from the candidate (s) nominated. One individual is eligible to compete for only one position. More details in the various positions and the nomination/election process can be found in the ASNEngr Bylaws available on the Society’s website at: http://www.ASNEngr.org/.

If you or your nominee has not already joined the membership of the American Society of Nepalese Engineers, we encourage you to visit the website  http://www.asnengr.org/  and submit your membership application and dues online. For your nomination(s) to be valid, membership application(s) and any dues from you, and/or your nominee(s) must be received by ASNEngr no later than May 25, 2020.

Please note that “Student” members are non-voting members and are not eligible to contest, nominate, or vote in the election. Please refer to Attachment-1 for detail election timeline.

Election Committee’s decision will be the final decision on any matter related to Election 2020. 
Respectfully Yours,

Nomination/Election Committee-2020

American Society of Nepalese Engineers

Kul Mani Acharya (MD) – Chair
Ankur Sharma (IL) – Member
Ajaya Dhakal (TX) – Member
Bimal Karki (SC)- Member
Deependra Pokharel (VA) – Member

Attachment -1

Election Committee, ASNEngr Election 2020

Election Timeline : 

Task  When  Whom  Remarks
1.   Call for Nominations / Election 18th May 2020 EC  Via email, ASNEngr website, Public Media
2.   Nomination/Election   Until 28th May 2020; 5 PM  Voters/ Members Via Google Form
Via Petition
3.   Final Voters List Publication May 28th 2020  EC  Via ASNEngr website
4.   Publication of Nomination/ Candidacy List  May 30th, 2020  EC  Via ASNEngr website
5.   Claim or protest on voter list and Candidacy,
Candidacy withdrawal May 31st to June 6 ,2020 Voters/ Members Via email
6.   Candidates final list and sample ballot publication  June 7th, 2020
EC Via ASNEngr website
7.   Election (casting the ballot)  June 13th through until June 28th, 2020 5 PM  Voters Via email or google form

8.   Announcement of the Result   June 30th, 2020
(or TBD)  EC At annual conference, via ASNEngr website and Public Media

***End of Notice***