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Various activities / readiness in NASeA’s region to be safe from COVID 19 ।

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Respected Community members


Hope this email finds you all and families in good health and shape . Strictly implementing and following all preventive measures to be away from COVID 19 is the only the most important and effective way during this pandemic situation . It is being learnt that you all leaders, volunteers and all community members  are doing the best to save all our community members from this COVID 19. In our NASeA’s region as well, many of our regional, states and local level social organizations have done many activities so far and are continuing to organize many activities for the readiness to be safe from this COVID 19. Here is the consolidated list of all activities in our region so far .

Nepalese Association in southeast America ( NASeA ) Activities relating with COVID 19

NASeA has been continuously informing to all our community about the updates and request to follow all preventive measures to be away from COVID 19 . NASeA had

  1. Formed a Health Help Desk with following medical professionals .
 Sanjeeb Sapkota ,GA Phone – 6785578389 Email-[email protected]gmail.com
Atit Bhattachan , SC
Phone –8045516842
Email –[email protected]
Samar Paiza , SC
Phone – 7168687289
Email –[email protected]
Nita Thapa , SC
Phone – 8033196779
Email – [email protected]
Ramu Kharel, GA
Phone –7132915087
Email – [email protected]
Phone – 5129037287
Email –[email protected]
Laxman Pokhrel , NC
Phone –5627085990
Email – [email protected]
Rupak Thapa , NC
Phone – 6109317197
Email – [email protected]
Manoj Bhattarai , FL
Phone –4014892453
Email – [email protected]
  1. Organized facebook live interaction about COVID 19 with official representative of Health ministry of Nepal,  corona virus lab expert, others doctors and epidemiologist. This was jointly organized with NRNA ICC Global Health committee and moderated by chair of this committee / NASeA former president Sanjeeb Sapkota .
  2. Organized facebook live to know all about coronavirus and the preventive measures to be safe from this virus , with Dr Niraj Karki and Dr Ramu Kharel, moderated by NASeA Former President Raja Ghale .
  3. Organized interstate coordinating meeting with majority of NASeA’s region state / local organization heads together with interaction Dr Santosh Sapkota, President of America Nepal Medical Foundation and Ms Manju Saungraula, president of Society of American Nepalese Nurses.
  4. NASeA Youth Committee organized an interaction program about Mental Health along with virtual Yoga and Meditation led by professional Yoga Instructor Ms Manaswi Sangraula .
  5. NASeA had established a COVID 19 emergency fund from its executive board and helped with Tylenol to at least 50 COVID 19 affected families of NY Nepalese Community .
  6. NASeA is constantly in communication with Nepal Embassy of USA and all state level organizations of our region .
  7. NASeA’s blood drive and health awareness committee and public relations committee are also working to address this pandemic issue .
  8. NASeA has also established a dedicated help line phone number # 4049072942. This number can be reached at any time and the entire NASeA’s executive committee would be happy to receive the call and help the affected families .

Nepal Center of North Carolina (NCNC ) activities

NCNC has established a special fund at least with $ 3000 (  NCNC COVID-19 विशेष कोष” स्थापना ) now and will be increased if necessary later on to help all COVID 19 affected individual/ families .NCNC had informed to all community members to let NCNC know with any of following if any one faces any problems due to this COVID 19 .

1. Rabindra Karki: President, NCNC 919-539-9954

2. RP Poudel: 919-798-9297

3. Kamal Kafle: 919-348-0712

4. Yogendra Gautam: 919-561-2140

5. Ananda Ghimire: 919-454-1645

6. Shiva Bhattarai: 919-780-3126

7. Bhagawati Neupane: 919-637-0619

8. Dharma Raj Pantha: 402-312-1380

9. Laxmi Nath Poudel: 919-279-0068

10. Prem Kumar Pradhan: 919-656-2218

11. John Poudel: 952-210-1116

Community Volunteers:

12. Kulananda Sharma ,President (NRN-13. NC Chapter): 919-272-0327

14. Sudan Thapa: 214-679-3907

15. Pooja Nepal: 919-793-8496

16. Suman Osti: 773-386-4006

17. Mohan Pahadi: 912-398-1042

18. Sita Baral: 919-946-4871

19. Tripti Belbase Swar: 923-237-0142

20. Sudan Gaire: 571-242-2509

Nepalese Association of Georgia (NAG ) Activities

NAG had established a dedicated helpline to help COVID 19 affected individuals/ families with following COVID Task Force Volunteers.

COVID Task Force Helpline

Phone: 678-310-9131 (9AM – 9PM)
Email: [email protected]


COVID Task Force Volunteers

1. Anup Srivastav

2. Bimal Regmi

3. Binod Thapa

4. Birendra KC

5. Damu Dongol

6. Dilip Baniya

7. Kumar KC

8. Nridesh Sharma

9. Pranaya Rana

10. Prem Baniya

11. Saurav Bhandari

12. Sugum Pokharel

13. Suman Thapa

Nepalese Association of Florida ( NAF ) Activities

NAF had formed a following COVID 19 Response Team ( CRT) to help all COVID 19 affected communities in various cities and all over the Florida . NAF is planning to provide a dedicated helpline to contact instead of following individual numbers of CRT in case of any problems relating with this pandemic situation . NAF has also been organizing “ Mindfulness- one hour session “ via zoom in every Saturday to feel relax during this lock down situation . NAF and INLS Florida Chapter have also jointly organizing virtual Nepali Pathshala . NAF had also helped to at least 100 NY Nepali affected families with Tylenol, Masks and hand sanitizers along with some medical protective suits in High Point , NC regional medical Sys. NAF also established an emergency fund to help exclusively for COVID 19 affected families .

NAF COVID 19 Response Team ( CRT) is as under .

Chair , NAF CRT

  1. Krishna Shrestha , WPB – Chair / 5613100694

Miami Area

  1. Shiva Nepal – Miami / 7866206627
  2. Dr Choodamani Khanal – Miami /7867976412

Fort Lauderdale to St Port Lucie

  1. Dr Niraj Shrestha – Fort Lauderdale / plantation/ – 3057901620
  2. Ram Thapa – WPB/ 5613139721
  3. Binod Basnet – WPB/ 5618665443

Orlando and surrounding

  1. Bikash Devkota – Orlando / 4074531732
  2. Dr Nagendra Dhakal – Orlando / 4073735475
  3. Narayan Neupane – Orlando / 4073762758

Tampa and Surrounding

  1. Dr Pragati Ghimire – Tampa /6174606665
  2. Deep Karki – Tampa /8137535616

Gainsville – Jacksonville

  1. Ms Anila Neupane – Gainesville / 5714421610
  2. Dipendra Sahi – Gainesville /3523178283
  3. Kalpana Shrestha – Jacksonville /9043149584
  4. Jaya Khakurel – Jacksonville / 9047380907

Tallahasee and Surrounding

  1. Bishal Gautam – Tallahasee /3522139234
  2. Mitra Khadka -Tallahasee / 3528705527
  3. Tej Paudel – Tallahasee / 9016128870
  4. Nirjal Shrestha -Tallahasee / 5806955882

INLS Florida Chapter Activities

INLS Florida Chapter had organized virtual literary / poetry meeting and sharing all about COVID 19 with professional Nepali Medical Doctors /health Researchers / epidemiologist. INLS Florida chapter is also planning to continue virtual Nepali Pathshala in Florida .

Nepalese Community Center Orlando NCCO Activities

NCCO had also formed a following team to help COVID 19 affected families in Orlando and surrounding .

COVID-19 Relief Coordination Committee(CRCC) team  comprise of following members:

  1. Coordinator, Bikash Devkota             ( Ph:407-453-1732)
  2. Vice Coordinator, Rajendra Shrestha      (Ph: 407-702-8422)
  3. Memeber, Ram Rai ( Ph: 407-267-0976)
  4. Member, Dinesh Maharjan
  5. Member, Rajib Shrestha
  6. Member, Dr. Nagendra Dhakal
  7. Member, Kalu Bhattarai

In Alabama NANA and ALNA have also helping and continuously informing local communities about COVID 19 .In Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee , South Carolina and Virginia , our communities are also helping each others to be safe form this COVID 19 .

Stay safe! Be safe yourself first and help to save others!

Thank you


Krishna Shestha

General Secretary


21 April 2020