NRNA NCC USA: 2019 Youth Leadership Scholarship Announced

Enepalese Published on: August 7, 2019


NRNA USA Scholarship Committee has selected their 2019 Youth leadership scholarship recipients. Following four individuals from four US regions will receive $1000 each.

The 2019 Recipients are:

  1. Amrit Tripathi – University of Southern Mississippi (South Region)

  2. Aska Sherpa – Hunter College, New York (NorthEast Region)

  3. Kiran Pandey – Idaho State University (West Region)

  4. Rishika Joshi – Loyola University Chicago (MidWest Region)

According to Kushal Pokhrel, a selection Committee member, “32 applications were received and each winner were selected after displaying remarkable academic achievement, extra-curricular participation, strong recommendations, essays, leadership quality, closeness to the NRNA mission and contribution towards society. Panel of 4 judges independently graded essay of each applicant. For fairness, different set of judges graded academics and leadership performance. Final points were averaged to determine the winner”.

“This program has helped to support deserving students to attain their educational goals and encourage student leadership. Program has also contributed towards building a bridge between the NRNA and the student communities across the universities in the US. To contribute towards generating future NRNA leaders, we are optimistic that the newly formed NRNA USA Board will give continuity to this program” states Swaraj Khati, Program Founder and Outgoing Chair of Youth Leadership Scholarship Program. “Although overall program administration was most time consuming, committee followed best practices to standardize the process to ensure fair result”

Dr. Niroj Basnet, Kushal Pokhrel, Dr. Suman Satyal and Dr.Siroj Pokharel are in the Selection Committee. Suman Karki, Nilima Shrestha, Sulav Paudel and Prakash Basnet are other members in Scholarship Committee .

The Program was launched in 2017 as one of the major NRNA youth initiatives. To date, they have provided $8000 to 8 deserving students of Nepali origin who exhibit outstanding leadership abilities through community service.

NRNA NCC along with corporate sponsor, Dexperts Cyber Security & IT consulting firm have contributed to the fund and stand beside the Program Committee congratulating 2019 recipients.

For more detail about the program and winner’s information :