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Interactions on the Need of Rapid Medical Team

इनेप्लिज २०७६ असार ६ गते २२:३३ मा प्रकाशित
June 21. An interaction was held in Kathmandu on the necessity of ‘Rapid Medical Team’ that can be deployed within 24 hours to any corner of Nepal to respond to any disaster: flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, landslide or mass fire. Held at the Kathmandu Headquarters of NRNA the interactions generated significant advises and feedback that will be useful in the implementation of such rapid Medical Team .
 “Responding to 2015 earthquake and 2019 tornado has given us valuable lesson that locally available health-care expertise and resources are far more useful that sending such from outside the country in meeting the immediate medical need following the disaster,” said Dr. Sanjeeb Sapkota, the chair of Global Health Committee of NRN.
“Physical trauma, bone breakage, cuts and wounds are the immediate medical need following the most of the disasters. Those are best managed by resources in Nepal. The role of outside help out of Nepal is minimum during first few days of disaster, but long term medical need and psychological needs can be complimented with outside help,” Dr. Sapkota said.
The significance of assessment before arriving the to disaster scene, minimizing duplication and the need to work in collaboration with other stakeholders were emphasized during the interactions.
Those participated in the meeting were a number of NRNA officials of headquarters including the CEO, the IT manager and other.
A demonstration on CPR and Heimlich procedure to help someone who is choking were demonstrated at the end interactions.