Enepalese Published on: May 20, 2019

SHIVA (life force): Lord Shiva is the supreme power in the entire cosmology. ‘Shi’ represents consciousness (eternal existence) and ‘va’ represents nature (illusion). It is said that Lord Shiva has given certain purpose by the Divine Light. It is the reason why we call him ‘Adiyogi’, and Deva of all the Devas. However, it is so ridiculous when Google writes “Lord Shiva is a Hindu God – Indian God”. How can God be Indian or American or Japanese? Who gave him Indian passport? Therefore, we need to delete such rubbish information from our mind. First, God is one and for all. God is “Divine Light”, the universal consciousness without border, nationality and image at all. He is omniscient, omnipotent, infinite power, the Creator of entire existence. Secondly, Lord Shiva is not God. He is considered as Adiyogi (the first Yogi on earth), Deva of all the Devas- controller of our universal consciousness. But, certainly he receives energy from The Divine Light (God) Sat Guru Gorakshanath. He appeared from male and female energy so we call him Shiva (which is and which is not). The Universal consciousness is infinite beyond our human capacity to understand. He emerged himself so we call him “Swoyambhunath”. The physical appeal of Lord Shiva is universe itself. Only the incarnation of Lord Shiva creating universe time to time is spreading everywhere from infinite atoms to infinite cosmology.

Shiva is known as one form of Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwor) the eternal supreme beings. Lord Shiva is prevailed in every atoms of nature and in our every breath. We are alive because of Shiva element (pranic force) and we become ‘Shaba’ (corpse) just like in Saba-asana (corpse poses) when the pranic energy (I) or (chi) goes out from our body. So the Shiva element is in every human being, nature and creatures. It is so stupid to call him just Hindu / Indian deity. It is a big misconception among people for understanding him as a human being or film hero. Please do understand that he is the entire existence itself appeared from male and female cosmic energy.

SHIVA LINGA: Everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. We cannot create or destroy something – it is the transformation of energy. The whole existence comes out of nothing. The nothingness is the basis of creation and when it appears into existence it creates certain oval shape which we call linga (sign). It is the manifestation of creation and door to beyond reality. In a simple understanding, Shiva-Linga is the Symbol of Creation; reunion of male and female energy. The cosmic energy creates an oval shape when it appears into physical form like our universe, planets, seeds, eye, embryo etc. Mt. Kailash is the natural Shiva Linga. The light or fire appears in the shape of penis and the nature in the shape of vagina but it is just the amalgamation of consciousness and nature. Hence, it is the symbol of creation; union of the divine light -consciousness (male energy) with the nature (female energy). Just we call Shiva-Linga because it is the sign / symbol (linga) of Shiva element- not penis. There are 12 Shiva-Linga on earth and all the 11 Shiva Linga lies inside Greater Nepal. Just one Shiva-Linga is located at Kanyakumari, south India. Rudragareshwor which is situated outside Pashupatinath temple (Kathmandu-Nepal) is the first Shiva-Linga on earth. All the negative energy goes away just by chanting 108 times “Aum Nama Shivaya” and powering cow milk on the top of Shiva Linga.

SHIVARATRI: Shiva means life force, the divine light residing within us – if omitted ‘e’ sound from Shiva becomes ‘saba’ which means corpse in Nepali / Sanskrit language. Therefore, obviously, it is the holy night of all living creatures being thankful to Lord Shiva for having a beautiful life. Therefore, the real meaning of Mahashivaratri is (maha= great and ratri = night) auspicious occasion, holy night paying homage to Lord Shiva. Pilgrims from all over the world (mainly from India) come to Mrigasthali Nepal as the Himalayas of Nepal is believed to be the abode of Devas, Shiva-Shakti according to the Vedas; the book of noble wisdom. Vedas say that “The Divine Light” emerged at Pashupatinath premises when Devas and Angels prayed for the restoration of world peace ( in order to get rid off from Devils attack) in previous eons. The Divine light appeared into Shiva-Linga (the symbol of creation) and human suffering (evils attack), pain, ignorance, darkness was removed. Since then, people started celebrating Shivaratri with immense pride and gratitude. The fact is that Nepalese are continuing this festival and Indians are following it properly whereas western world have forgotten the holy night. Nowadays, they are remembering through the lessons of Yog-Dhyan. Feeling of fraternity among us is deepening as a result westerners are attracted with Vedic wisdom these days.

During Shivaratri, people make bonfire at junctions in the evening and eat burnt sugarcane to mark the festival with a heartfelt of love and tribute to Lord Shiva. Purification is the very first process to knock the spiritual door. Devotees stay vigil and sing Shiva Bhajan uttering ‘Aum Nama Shivaya’ in every breath. Wrong misconception of smoking marijuana / hashish and praising the so-called Indian Sadhus’ (having long beard and ashes on forehead) is strongly condemned. Some texts say Shivaratri is the marriage ceremony of Lord Shiva. But it is stupid explanation, when Shiva linga itself is The Divine Light that has no beginning and no end then how could this be Shiva’s marriage or birthday or awakening?. Does the light marry? Or wake up or celebrate birthday? Therefore, I request people to understand with apt conscience. It is highly instructed in Vedas to remain conscious (without any intoxication) awake for the whole night in order to receive blessing from Lord Shiva. On the 13th night of lunar calendar- people fast, performing Pooja, stay vigil in order to receive blessing because Shivaratri is celebrated for overcoming suffering, darkness and ignorance. This is the holy night to shake-off illusion and awake with a complete realization. Not to be confused, Lord Shiva (the meditative form of Guru Gorakhnath) is considered as the protector of everything that exists in our universe.

By the way, Shivaratri festival 2019 has a historical importance because great spiritual change is happening in the world as already predicted in Vedas. One can assume the topsy-turvy scenarios- political unrest, draught, famine, economic crisis, holy wars taking place. In fact, the world is needed for a spiritual shift to purify and restore Dharma (duty and responsibility). The year 2019 shall be the year of great change in the world. It has been already described in Vedas, Puranas, Bhagawat Geeta long before Bible’s prediction. Such incidents are not a sudden occurrence but a schedule plan from the Almighty creator. We can do nothing but to accept it positively and flow with it because we are living in the cosmic law. And, the bitter truth, beautiful morning can be expected only after dreadful night or hurricane.

Google and Wikipedia referring Hindu God is somewhat nonsense. Almighty Creator “God” cannot be Hindus’, Buddhist’, or Christians confined in nation- border- cast – creed-religion. Shivaratri is the pious festival of all human beings and started since the Vedic period (from the beginning of human civilization). All the primitive cultures around the globe worship Lord Shiva and celebrate Shivaratri but in a different look than in Nepal. Somehow, archaeologist and modern scientist are agreeing huge civilization before Greek, Mesopotamia or Maya civilization when they discovered 32,000 yrs old Dwarka civilization in Greater Nepal but now in Indian seacoast. Non-the-less, we are pleased to know that people are realizing the inevitability of serene spirituality and celebrating Maha-Shivaratri world-wide.

SAT-CHIT-ANANDA: The meaning of Satchitananda is (permanent+knowing+bliss) eternal peace. The whole universe is consists of Brahma and illusion. Our body is but an illusion and we are entangled with attachment (love). Param-Brahma (The Divine Light) is the truth otherwise whole things are illusion; like being frighten at seeing rope in the night thinking snake. Knowing and attaining Param-Brahama is Satchitananda. People experience momentous bliss during sexual intercourse (libido climax) as it penetrates Swodhisthana Chakra. Even an atheist utters “O’ God!” during sexual movement because he / she experience bliss at that moment. This is the reason why people are much addicted to sexual activities. The research shows that 99. 9 % people in entire world spend most of the time in sexual related activity / imagination. The deep reason behind this is not only for physical sex but in fact they hanker for bliss. Of course, physical sex is one of the tools to feel/ experience bliss. However, activation of Kundalini energy which up rises through Susumna nadi is the most effective way for experiencing bliss. And, this process is called ‘Hatha Yog’ in yogic term.

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