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My Candidacy for the Chair of BOT Award Committee

इनेप्लिज २०७५ मंसिर १६ गते १६:३० मा प्रकाशित

Respected BOT members and friends

We are all aware of the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) Board of Trustees’ (BOT) election. Many BOT friends have asked me to consider for the Chair of the BOT Award Committee in the upcoming election of the BOT executive.  As we all know, award committee is one of the crucial committees with important responsibilities, which, if performed with utmost integrity, can have far-reaching repercussion in carrying out the vision and mission of INLS BOT in one hand and the development and promotion of Nepali literature, language and culture in the diasporic landscape on the other hand.  The committee has done commendable jobs in the past, however, there is always a room for the further improvement and refinement in what we do, how we do and, there are always some weakness, strengths and the new opportunities that emerge as we go forward.  Our collective attempts should be firstly, to identify the weaknesses, strength and the new opportunities, and then secondly, engage ourselves to rectify the weaknesses and mistakes, and thirdly build on our strength and capitalize on the new opportunities and take it to the next level of development. This is an evolutionary process of development that universally applies to all individuals and all social organizations as well. We should always welcome diverse opinion and views on any subject because diversity is the source of creativity and a great strength that can propel us in the next level of development. We need to adopt the appropriate modus operandi (way of doing things) to bring desirable changes in the current state of affair of the Award Committee’s functional responsibilities. If you give me the opportunity to serve in this committee, I would like to outline the following steps that will constitute the modus operandi of this committee:

  1. Review the past activities of the Award Committee, its tasks, performances and the awards
  2. Identify the weaknesses, strengths and the new opportunities, rectify the weakness and build on the strength and the opportunities for the improvement.
  3. Collect the opinion, critical views, constructive criticisms and the suggestions from the BOT members for the further improvement and refinement of Award Committee’s task and its performance
  4. Develop objectively verifiable and reliable criteria and standard metrics that can be used to review, evaluate, measure and conduct the award activities.
  5. Ensure the transparency of the Award committee’s work maintaining utmost integrity and ethical standards.
  6. Restructure and reorganize existing awards and establish new awards and that can better reflect and complement the vision and mission of INLS and BOT
  7. Raise funds to institutionalize and ensure award activities so that it does not end up just a one-time activity
  8. Make necessary amendments in the BOT bylaws that can facilitate the effective implementation of these activities and the independence of the Award Committee’s functional responsibilities.

Dear friends, these are some of the elements of the modus operandi that I have presented here. There can be a long list and many things can be said that can cover many pages but more importantly, it is the sense of commitment to do something with utmost integrity and accountability rather than saying many things and accomplishing very little.  Speak less and do more. I believe in the philosophy of less is more! That is high in demand these days!  I look forward to your support. Thank you very much

Very Respectfully

Prof. Gopi Upreti

Fairfax, Virginia

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 316-305-0647