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condolence message for Past president ) George HW Bush

इनेप्लिज २०७५ मंसिर १६ गते १६:०३ मा प्रकाशित

Dear respected community members,
NASeA Region and beyond

Good Morning

It is with the heavy hearts and saddest condolences that we have to accept the passing of our late 41 st President of United States of America George HW Bush. Regardless of affiliation, President Bush was an exemplary gentlemen and political leader. He was the very successful President during the Gulf War era, two term Texan congressman, an ambassador to the United Nations. Chairman to Republican National Committee, and two terms VP to the great president Ronald Reagan. Nothing short of a stellar resume. He captained the Yale University baseball team and became the youngest aviator in the United States Navy Reserve during Second World War . While we may disagree with some of his policies however his crowning achievement to end 4 decades of the Cold War and controlling the nuclear races with rival super powers are widely appreciated .

His life history proves that he was a true patriot for this county . He had decided to serve immediately in armed forces as soon as he heard on 07 Dec 1941 that Hawaii base was bombed by Japanese . He was just a high scholar senior on that day .In 19 years old as the then youngest aviator , was assigned to fly torpedo bombers off aircraft carrier in the pacific theater .He took off to hit the radio tower of Japanese at island Chichi Jima which was heavily guarded . His aircraft was hit by enemy , smoked filled the cockpit and flames swallowed the wings .Choking on the smoke, Bush continued to steer the plane, dropping bombs and hitting the radio tower. He told other crews to parachute out of the plane, then climbed through his open hatch to maneuver out of the cockpit and exited with parachute and finally rescued by US submarines in the Pacific Ocean .What a war hero for the nation who always loved his nation more than his life !

President Bush was a skilled bureaucratic and diplomatic player who, as president played his part for his country. His legacy will reverberate through history.

Nepalese Associations in Southeast America ( NASeA) solutes for his exemplary contribution and pray to rest his soul in eternal peace . NASeA also expresses deep condolences to the bereaved Bush Family .

Thank you


Madhav Dhakal

Krishna Shrestha
General Secretary