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ANMF’s $5.00 Fundraiser to Construct Oxygen Plants in Nepal

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Will you donate $5.00 or 500 Rupees to construct Oxygen Plants in 6 provinces of Nepal?

That is just the cost of a cup of coffee or latte. America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF) has already handed over one such plant to TU Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu. However, many government hospitals in the country either do not produce enough oxygen or often have to rely on import from India. As you can imagine, this puts the most vulnerable population receiving care at these healthcare institutions at risk and the healthcare cost keeps getting expensive. For example, one oxygen cylinder at Humla district hospital is sometimes 5 to 10 times costlier. Lack of a reliable supply chain of a lifesaving oxygen makes the situation even worse.

Dr. Subhash P. Acharya, current ANMF -Nepal President and Anesthesiologist at TUTH has shared his personal experience. During the earthquake in 2015, TU Teaching Hospital was the only hospital functional on Day 1. There were 8 operation theaters running 24 hours performing life and limb-saving surgeries.

Pic: Dr. Subhash Acharya and Dr. Sushil R. Pandey in front of Oxygen Plant supported by ANMF at TUTH.

But, on Day 3, the oxygen cylinders got out of stock, and the existing oxygen plant was not producing adequate oxygen. There were no vendors to provide oxygen cylinders as people were fleeing out of Kathmandu. We had a hard time managing sick patients in ICU who required high concentration on Oxygen. That time we felt, oxygen is life. We asked ANMF for help, and with help of ANMF, now the oxygen plant is installed which is covering all ICU and OT in TU Teaching Hospital. Now we don’t need to worry, we have adequate oxygen to handle any crisis.


With your help, we have an opportunity of a lifetime to change such dependency. Thus, this holiday season, ANMF is aiming to raise funds to help construct such plants in other six provinces and create self-sustainable oxygen supplies. Just a $5.00 or a cost of a cup of coffee from 100K likeminded individuals can make a difference. Thank you in advance for being part of it and sharing with your one friend who is ready to give up that one cup of coffee today for a good cause like building Oxygen Plants across Nepal.

America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization registered in the State of New York. Please visit our website (anmf.org) to learn more about us, our mission, objectives, financials, and ongoing and completed projects.

Please donate via Facebook HERE:


If you would like to donate outside of Facebook, please send your check to the address below. Add “Oxygen Plant” as a memo to allocate fund to this project.

D. Mainali Treasurer ANMF
27 Gloria Drive
Westfield, MA 01085

If you are in Nepal and would like to help, please contact Bikrant Rana at 9861020285 or you can also do a direct deposit. Here is the bank detail of America Nepal Medical Foundation – Nepal.

Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Limited
Account: 03201040252744