Canadian Newa Guthi Celebrated “Mha Pooja and Nepal Sambat New Year 1139” With Vivid Programs

इनेप्लिज २०७५ कार्तिक ३० गते ११:१२ मा प्रकाशित


Toronto, Canadian Newa Guthi recently celebrated “Mha Pooja and Nepal Sambat New Year 1139” with vivid activities. At the beginning , participants and guests participated in a short rally, which went around the program vicinity, chanting “ Happy Nepal Sambat 1139”. The rally was led by Newah ethnic musical instruments “ Dhime baja” group and later welcomed them in the worship venue with Newah culture.

After that all the participants numbering 168 , who sat cross leg on the floor in front of the individual “Mandala”, were worshipped by the senior females members of the Guthi. The worship procedure was followed step by step according to the Newah culture. The importance and meaning of each procedure was illustrated by Guthi Secretary Dr. Prajwal Pradhan.

Speaking at the program, Prof. Dr. Tom O’Neill of Brock University appreciated Guthi for its effort to preserve and promote Newah culture in Canada. Prof. Dr. Neill also admired Guthi for carrying out community oriented activities beneficial to Nepalese community. General Secretary Bimal Shrestha highlighted the activities conducted by Guthi, where as President of the Guithi Prakash Pradhan welcomed all the guests and participants. During the program newcomers were also welcomed by the Guthi.

At the end of the program, Youth Committee members of the Guthi Ayushna Shrestha, Sarbagya Shrestha, Rayana Shrestha, Avis Shrestha performed Newah cultural dance, where as Govinda Ghimery , Surendra Shrestha, Amrit Shrestha performed songs . Similarly, Hema Chakhun Shrestha, Uttam Makaju supported by Naresh Tamrakar, Rikesh Shrestha performed live Newah songs. A poem on famous Newah cultural character “Lakhe” was recited by Rabi Basnet.

Newah people, an ethnic group of Nepal, have unique culture of worshiping own body, which is called “Mhapuja.” Newah people believe that one needs to understand and respect oneself before you understand others. “Mhapuja” is a cultural event of purification, strengthening and understanding oneself. It exposes a relationship of person with surrounding nature and the cosmos. Understanding one’s role in life makes him/her more knowledgeable and selflessness enriches oneself by itself leading towards prosperity and physical well-being in the line with socio-religious nature.

Historians believe that the ritual of “Mhapuja” started over a thousand years ago. From time immemorial, this day has been taken as auspicious and important day. The celebration of “Mhapuja” was started even before the starting of Nepal Era. But, Mr. Sankhadhar Sakhawa, who contributed in initiating Nepal Era, chose this auspicious day to start the calendar.

Canadian Newa Guthi has been organizing community “Mha Pooja” since its inception in 2005.