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ICDR Welcomes European Union Recommendations on Social inclusion in Nepal

इनेप्लिज २०७४ चैत १८ गते २:३० मा प्रकाशित

March 31, 2018; Washington, D.C:

International Commission for Dalit Rights (ICDR), a global advocacy and policy organization, welcomes European Union Election Observation Mission’s (EUEOM) recommendations on the quota system for the promotion of Proportional Representation (PR) of Women, Dalits and other marginalized populations of Nepal.

The Constitution of Nepal secures the principles of proportional inclusion and participation to promote social equality and inclusion. However, the existing quota system, for a group that is already over-represented, violates the Constitutional obligations and breaches international legal frameworks.

The ICDR stands together with, and endorses the recommendations offered by the EUEOM to review the impact of the quota system on the ethnic, caste and gender composition of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assemblies to ensure the affirmative constitutional framework applies only to groups that are the subjected of socio-political exclusion.

The current compositions of the House of Representatives and Provincial Assemblies violate the Constitution and the spirit of the PR system for women, Dalits, Ethnic/Indigenous, Madhesi, Muslim, Tharu, Khas-Arya and other marginalized groups and backward regions. Political parties and the government ignored the Constitution and international framework, while formulating election-related policies and enforcing the constitutional provisions in the last elections.

Political parties have selected a very small number of candidates from women, Dalit and other marginalized groups in the federal and provincial elections; however, a single ruling group that is already well-represented got an overwhelming majority of representations at all levels of governance.

The ICDR urges the Government of Nepal to promote PR of Dalits and other marginalized populations at all levels of governance. The ICDR believes that promotion of the PR system enables the nation’s prosperity, diversity, social and cultural harmony, unity, security and sovereignty.