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Exploring Divinity The Faminine In Masto Cult

इनेप्लिज २०७४ चैत ९ गते २१:५१ मा प्रकाशित

Masto is a Clan God of the people of Nepal, Uttarakhand & the Himalayan region. He is the protector of Veda & the son Jayant of Lord Indra the ruler of Heaven. His mother is called Masto Mandalni that is Indrayeni or Shachi. In all Masto temples Masto Mandalni is worshiped first.

Masto has 16 sisters all are called Durga. Durgas are the most powerful deities in the Himalayan range & all among the Hindu kingdoms. The Himalaya is by its position is a Durg (fort) by nature. So the Himalaya itself is Goddess Durga. Mount Everest & 7 high Himalayas are supposed to be the fairies from the heaven by the name of Tshe Ring mched Inga (Cheringchhenga) sisters in the Bodpa (Jadaan /northern Jumla) as stated in literatures prepared by Padma Sambhaba and his disciples.

Among Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and many other religious groups all clan goddess are sisters of Masto God. In Japan, Tara is the clan Goddess by the name Aamaa Terasu. The Druids in Europe worship Goddess Tara. There is an island in Ireland called Tara & all European Druids worship her as their clan Goddess.

The God Masto & his 16 sisters were born in the Himalaya of West Nepal in Raskot (Kalikot District) which was called Jumla Empire back in History. This place is on the bank of the river Karnali (in the Kailasha Purana it is the Sindhu river by whose name the words like Hindu/ Indus/ India/ Shintao/ Shinto/ China originated as defined by the great scholar Yogi Narahari Nath.)

According to the Fag (poetries) from Bajhang (Nepal)& the Uttarakhand the origin of Masto & his sister is Jumala desh (Trans Himalayan Kingdom of Jumla).

There is a saying that Lord Indra rules the heaven& his son Masto rules the earth. In Kathmandu the Living Goddess Durga known as Kumari hands down the state to the king of Nepal, a procession repeating annually until the prominence of monarchy in Nepal a few years back. This means Indra provided the earth as dowry to his daughter but instead of ruling the earth herself, she gives away the state to her brother Masto.

By the Hindus Masto Mandalni or Indrayeni is worshiped as one of the powerful goddess as the head of the Mandala. Her 16 daughters mentioned in the Fag and claimed by the writer of Masto book Shyam Bahadur Khadka are Durga, Surma, Malika, Jalapa, Kalika, Khadari Devi, Budhi Nanda, Shaileshwori, Dugdheshwori,Barada Devi, Chirashaini, Nigalshaini, Tripura Sundari, Melauli Bhagawati, Bewor Bhawani and Ugra Tara. These are the prominent Hindu Godesses and I believe do not require any introduction further.

The God Masto is called Han Hor Masto Tenger or Tengri from Korea to Poland. In Buryat (Mongolia) they call QurMusta & in Iran/ Iraq they call Ahur Mazda as mentioned in the book Avesta by Jarathustra. Changez Khan & other Mongol emperors were the disciples of Vedic Hindu God Masto. So they never attacked South Asia & the Chinese state of Inner Mangolia, where 80% population are followers of Tengri that means Hindu God Masto.

According to the great epic King Gesar translated by Sarangerel Odigon (Moon light Shamaness) the grandmother of Masto is Manzan Gurme Toodei also popular as silver cup. She is considered the most powerful and is believed to have collection of a book of old writings covered by silk. This book is considered to contain all the solution of every problem however she is the only one that can read and understand the details enlisted in the book. Odigon further refers to the very powerful Ekhe Yuuren Ibii as the mother Masto and Mayas Hara Toodei as the wife.

She further claims that Masto has three daughters. The eldest Erjen Goohan contains the power of giving life to the dead. Middle one Duran Goohan is for love. The last one Sebel Goohan can help to easy birth of a child.

There are other female powers in Masto cult in the Himalaya. Bhudani Bayal is the female helper of Masto who controls natural calamities like storms and hurricanes. In Nepal people believe that Roopa Jadeni,Mainawati, Siyadevi & other female supporters of Masto are also very powerful. Among Masto believer Tantrism is considered as powerless. So the witchcraft& other practices has no meaning.