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NASeA and NAG jointly organized this year’s International Women’s Day celebration in Atlanta, GA

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On March 10, NASeA and NAG jointly organized this year’s International Women’s Day celebration in Atlanta, GA with a significant public participation in the program. This program was chaired by Rama Ghimire. There was representation of different organization leaders, including NASeA executive members, vice present of NAG Mr. Kumar KC, Secretary of NAG Mr. Pranaya Rana, president NARA GA chapter Mr. Surya Lamsal, president World Hindu Mahasang Kiran Shrestha and NRNA Bishwo Subba.

Women’s day carries a lot of history and the sacrifice of brave women to come to this point. We still have challenges in every aspect, gender parity, sexual harassment, discrimination, domestic violence and many more uncategorized issues. These issues exist everywhere and sometimes, this becomes norm and women accept this as usual.

Women’s life is somehow influenced by her father, husband and son. Due to which women are knowingly and unknowingly driven by others and waiting to get the permission from authority. A lot of time they are hindered by barriers within themselves internalizing negative message in self-confidence, decision making, and income generation exedra. Even though in the developed country like US, the graduation rate of women as higher than man (33.2% man vs 33.7% women) as of 2016 data, but on average a women earns 79 cents for an every dollar a man earns. Nevertheless with the same qualification, women want to be asked for career advancement while men take it astheir right.

This is a global problem and the discrimination against women exists even deeper and has been cruel in underdeveloped countries. Girls are treated differently than boys; the boy’s gets priority for education than girls. Mothers in Nepal are stilling struggling to get their children citizenship through them. Women in underdeveloped counties are maimed, bitten, tortured and burnt in public for accusation of witch in many occasions. On the positive side, Nepal has women president and in past both chief justice and speaker of the parliament were women. Time and progresses carries mixed message.

2017 was special and lot of movement such as #MeToo unified people creating a wave in   globally such as #Ana_kaman in the Arab States, #Yo Tambien in Maxico and Latin America contries, #BalanecTonPorc in France. These movements have brought women come forward and even brought together on these social issues.

2018 plays an important role with a call for action #Pressforprogess – a push for gender parity. Time is now and together we can make a difference. It is not about me, this is not about you; it is about feeling, taken action and synergy. It is not about power, it is not about going against man; it is about supporting each other and changing the paradigm.

It is time to review about ourselves, our work and our achievements. We can’t forget about those women made difference. I want to salute those women who have been working tirelessly to the community and helping and inspiring others.

With that women’s day is just a beginning. Let’s all celebrate the achievements and keep the wave toward progress. This is not limited to women’s day. March 8th, not limited to March, it is beyond that, with the power we feel to make equal.

The program started with the national anthem from both counties. NASeA Vice President, Ambika Lohoni welcomed the audience on behalf of NASeA. NAG Vice President, Kumar KC, NRNA-GA Chapter President Surya Lamsal and Didi Bahini Samuha – BabitaThapa, all expressed their views and showed solidarity to current movement.

 Guest speakers Dr. Amrita Regmi shared how her life was shaped by her mother and grandmother to make her stronger and she emphasize today’s women responsibility to shape the future with the theme “Time is now”. Prof. Dr. Carolina Bourdeux, Georgia State University and Ms. Cindy Zilden, Health Care Advocate sharedtheir experience and views on the health care systems and its accessibility.

 The program was moderated by Ichha Bastola and Pranaya Rana. Several local artists performed the cultural dance and song to entertain the audience. The program was held at Himalayan spice Restaurant and AccounTech CPA provided snacks to the participants.

The mission of this program was to celebrate the achievements.Four women who led and contributed to the community, inspired and promoted the wellbeing of women and Nepali culture were recognized in the program. Ms. Rama Ghimire, Ms. NamitaGhimrie handed over the certificate of recognition to the SitaGhimire, Sushman Barakoti and Sabita Shrestha. Neelam KarkiNiharika was unable to come to attend the program. She was recognized in separate program which was held in North Carolina on March 11th by NRNA and TNCC, where certificate was handed over by NASeA executive member Thakur Karki.

Below is the highlight of their work. Sita Ghimire Mainali for her valuable volunteer service and outstanding leadership

 Sita Ghimire Mainali had started 2008 as NANA (Nepalese association of north Alabama). She was registered at state of Alabama as a founder president (2015-2017) in 2015. She is acurrent advisor (2017-2019) for NANA. She had raised fund more than $25000.00 and contributed to build school 

 On her leadership, the association repaired and replaced corrugated roofing for 82 houses and paid NRS 10000 each for 5 family members to recover their situation to the earthquake victims in ranibari kabhre district, built one three rooms school amounting over NRS 12,00,000.00 ( 1.2 million Nepalese rupees) at Kalinaghigher secondary school, Sunkhani , charikot Dolakha district Nepal, this building was collapsed by earthquake.

 Sushma Barakoti for her valuable contribution and dedicated service to empower women, immigrant and refugee community

 She has devoted her career being a catalyst to women’s empowerment in US and her native country Nepal. At present Sushma works as an Executive Director at the Refugee Women’s Network, a GA based Non Profit that inspires and equips refugee and immigrant women to become leaders in their homes, careers, and communities through education and advocacy.  As a social entrepreneur Sushma founded Sunavworld which provides social economic empowerment to more than 500 women in Nepal and in Atlanta. As a Clarkston Program Coordinator at the Start: ME Accelerator Program of Emory University, Sushma helps small entrepreneurs to gain knowledge, resources and to grow their businesses.

  Sabita Shrestha for her dedication to Nepali school to promote and preserve Nepali language and culture  

Sabita Shrestha has served countless hours in Nepali school for many years. Her dedication and contribution along with the Nepali school team have helped preserve and promote Nepali culture within the community. Her focus and facilitation to thrive Nepali literacy to new generation of Nepalese children has given Nepali environment in America. (please make correction if needed and add more )

 Neelam Karki Niharika for her invaluable contribution to inspiring women through her literary writings.

Her writing skills have added a new dimension and continue to enrich Nepali literature. Her themes such as male-dominated society, caste, class, poverty, corruption, and tyranny has triggered intellectual debate among the Nepalese people and is providing impetus to on-going changes in the country. She has been writing on the issues related to sexual and gender minority. Author Neelam Karki Niharika illustrated women’s obligations, societal norms and stigmas from her inner mind in her book Kagajma Dastakhat. Her latest book is Yogmaya, where she writes about a child widow who struggled all her life and fought against superstitious social belief for the betterment of society.

Congratulations to all the ladies who received the recognition and thank you to Atlanta Nepali community for you participation to make this event a grand success.