“Nepalese in Atlanta Rock and Roll in Melodius Music Concert”

इनेप्लिज २०७४ मंसिर १० गते १३:५३ मा प्रकाशित

A large number of people gathered at the “Nalina Chitrakar Concert Night” held in Atlanta who danced and rocked and rolled in the resonating vives of classic and pop songs.

They thoroughly enjoyed the melodious atmosphere and there they danced to the music and songs by the legendary singer Nalina Chitrakar and a number of other artists.

The concert was held in Himalayan Spice Restaurant in Atlanta on the Thanksgiving eve on Wednesday, Nov 22.

The musical concert was the best fit to beckon the long weekend of Thanksgiving holidays when Atlantan and Georgians were looking for the relaxing atmosphere to get on to the holiday mood.

“Om bhurbuwashaha Tat Shibhur ra Yanyam, Chahi daina Hira ra Moti Maya bhaye Pugcha, Pani Pani Bhaye Ma Pani, Ye Kancha Chattai ma yo Baisa Jana Lagyo, Kehi Mitho Bata Gara, Simple Simple Kanchi ko Dimple Dimple Gala.. ” were the songs that Nalina Chitrakar sang that captivated and  the audiences.

Other singers who sang duets with Nalina Chitrakar were Bijendra Gurung, Pranaya Rana and Shankar Pokhrel.

 Each of these artists who sang a duet with singer Chitrakar have an inspiring career in music. Bijendra Gurung, a great singer himself, is also a musician and videographer who has over two decade long music experience under his belt; Pranaya Rana, a popular singer himself, has organized a concert in several US cities also leads the popular 4MB band. Shankar Pokhrel is the rising star in music who has written songs and composed music.
 Neptune, a popular musical band too performed at the concert Night. Prajwal Khadgi, a vocalist and guitarist and the coordinator of Neptune, Sujit Shrestha a guitarist, Ayush Shrestha an expert in bass and Rabi Khadka in Cajon all captivated the audience with their mesmerizing songs and music. They also performed on the songs by legendary singer Chitrakar.

Amit Sharma-Khatiwada and Arnav RajBhandary, both guitarist and support-vocalist, too performed at the concert.

Delicious dinner was served to all the audience at the Himalayan Spice restaurant prior to the concert. They seemed delighted for the great food and the opportunity to mingle and reunite with friends.

Sauriyan Sapkota and Neelav Kharel, the lead volunteers who checked in all the audiences, greeted them at the door and ushered them to the lobby of the restaurant and banquet hall.

Shailendra Bajracharya, one of the coordinators of the program said, “though the concert was organized in a short time, it became a very successful where a high number of people showed up.”

“Nalina Chitrakar is not the new name to Atlanta,” said Sanjeeb Sapkota, one of the coordinators of the concert. “She has performed twice before in Georgia and have won the hearts of Atlantans and Georgians. One was in the famous Nepal Featival organzied in 2013,” said Sapkota.

Deepak Pahari and Dilip Dahal, who were also the organizers, said that it was remarkable to have such a huge turn out despite the holiday travel that people have pre-committed to.

“I love Atlanta and Georgia and that is why I have come here several times,” said Nalina Chitrakar. The audience gave her great acknowledgments with a thunderous applause that echoed on the walls of the concert hall.

Audiences danced and swung with their hands flung on the air resonating their voice with that of the singers and syncing the movement of their legs with the beat of the drum.

The magical voice of Nalina Chitrakar and the outstanding performance of other singers and musicians left all the participants wanting for more!

The event coordinators and the organizers of the concert — Sanjeeb Sapkota, Shailendra Bajracharya, Pranaya Rana, Deepak Pahari, Dilip Dahal and Bijendra Gurung — thanked all the participants for their appreciation and support to Nepali music.

“Please come again”, “we really enjoyed it”, “we will miss you”, were the voices heard from the audience that probably melted the heart of the legendary singer Chitrakar. To them Chitrakar said, “I  will surely come again as now I have a special bond to Atlanta”.