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My experience in America : Aarju karki

इनेप्लिज २०७४ साउन १४ गते ०:३१ मा प्रकाशित

People all over the world like to visit America but me I didn’t really like it when I had my first experience in America. Hi, I am from Nepal where there is the highest peak, where Buddha was born, where you could hear bhajan every morning, where People celebrate the holiday, where they spent time having fun. That’s where I came from.

Every day every kid comes outside have fun with their friends and also get their clothes dirty. Nepal is my favorite country. Every boy has to bartaman and every girl has to do guniucholo those are that they know they are young adults. That’s Hindu tradition. Tourists come to explore Nepal and our population. I spent my 7 years in Nepal. Then my parents had thought about coming to America.

On September 1st, 2014 we landed in America where my new life started. It was a wonderful place but I didn’t have the same smile like in Nepal. America was a strange place for me with people coming from all over the world. It was really hard for me to understand English. I really wanted to go back and have my friends back but we didn’t have that much money.

When I went to school it was like I was in a maze. I was really shy and know nothing about English. Every day I think about Nepal and my friends and even sometimes I think about why I even came here. I didn’t really like American food like pizza, sandwich, burgers and many more. After days past, I started making friends and started feeling confident. Some changes got into me like I started liking America. Now in school I started earning certificates and won trophies.

After that, I forgot about the negativity and was looking forward to positivity. There are so many difference between U.S.A and Nepal for example in Nepal I use to had homework for each subject now I have no homework. In Nepal, there had been some earthquakes that lead to many deaths and destroyed many lands. In ways, Nepal is a developing country so it’s not similar to America. The environment of Nepal is poor but it’s developing. I love you Nepal.