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Collaboration within the intellectuals and the community leaders is much needed for the progressive change: Swaraj Khati, Youth Coordinator Candidate, NRN-NCC USA (2017-19)

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Swaraj Khati grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal. Having been brought up in a close-knit family, he developed core family values along with the desire to help his surrounding community. During his school days he was highly involved in various sports and  co-curricular activities that helped him develop a strong sense of teamwork, perseverance and discipline.

In 2009, he was one of many Nepalis getting to realize his dreams of pursuing an undergraduate degree in USA. Swaraj started his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Louisiana Tech University. While he was there,  he successfully led the Namaste Nepal Association(NNA), a Nepalese student organization with a primary goal to promote and share the knowledge about Nepal and its cultural diversity within the University and the local community, while managing more than 250 members. One of the hallmarks of his tenure was the inception of Newcomer Assistance Program. The program helped incoming fresh Nepalese students adjust into their new lifestyle and college atmosphere. Annual “Nepal Night”, a cultural experience put together by the collective effort of the Nepalese students at LA Tech, was another major event that Swaraj played a lead role in. The experiences he had while in LA Tech helped Swaraj build and enhance his leadership skills, time management skills and multitasking abilities.


August of 2015, Swaraj joined “Nepal Rising- Austin” a global initiative to help Nepal re-build after the catastrophic earthquake. He was able to develop strong social ties with the Nepalese community, and develop collaborative working relationship with social organizations (like Greater Austin Nepali Society  & Everest Nepal), Nepalese Students Association at University of Texas-Austin for several fundraising events. One of the team’s major accomplishments was organizing Albatross fund-raising musical concert to help provide aid for rebuilding a local school in Khadag Bhanjyang, Nuwakot.

Joining Pennsylvania State University as a professional, after graduating from LA Tech has been another life enriching experience for him. Having experienced the potential of an organization before, he was surprised to know that there was no formal organization representing Nepalese students in the college. Despite some challenges, he was able to motivate Nepalese community to establish a Nepalese Society at Penn State (NSPS); a graduate Student Organization at Pennsylvania State University with an objective to advance collaboration through innovation, social entrepreneurship and educational exchange programs. Currently, he is a member of the Advisory Committee. His strong engagement with the scholars from diverse academic fields has helped him acknowledge the importance of developing collaboration within the intellectuals and the community leaders for progressive change. Swaraj’s hard work and dedication as a member of the NRNA-NCC Youth forum has proved him to be a great asset to the team.

At a young age Swaraj has had the opportunity as well as success in various fields both professional and personal life. While empowering the youths in a way they can voice their opinions for the issues, which are important to them, he wishes to build a stronger youth forum so that educated youths including second generations can join NRNA for community service and social works. His aspirations lie in building a sustainable community where youths and the older generations within the NRN will thrive by working together. The younger generation need support, inspiration, and direction and the older generation need vigor to keep working for a better future” says Mr. Khati while speaking about his plans for NRNA’S future.  Swaraj is determined to work towards the integration between the youth and the wise by working with all associated parties. You can find him on various social media platforms and his response time to your messages is very prompt.