If blind Man can do than I will do.

इनेप्लिज २०७३ साउन २ गते ११:३३ मा प्रकाशित


Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Mt Everest is located in Nepal. Most of the tallest mountain belongs to Nepal but so many people around the world are not aware of this fact. Mt Everest’s peak is five and one-half miles above sea level which is the heightest peak in the world. It is very hard to run or walk straight on land five miles , I am talking about climbing all the way to top of the Mt. Everest which is obviously a very hard task.

Many people around world tried to climb to the top of Mt Everest which is approximately 29,028 foot if I am not mistaken. As we all know that Sir. Edmund Hillary and Sir. Tensing Norgay are the first person to reach top of the hill of Mt Everest. Since then lots of people around the world try to climb, some of them climb and some of them survive, many of them are dead. There is lots of different stories about Mt. Everest climbers.

But today I was going through story about Mount Everest, I found an interesting story about a blind man who climbed Mt. Everest successfully. How does this happen? How did he make it? This successful Mt Everest climber is Erik Weihenmayer. According to few article and story he faced strong winds, snow, avalanches and many other harsh weather before succeeding his misson.

I went through to find what is special about Erik Weihenmayer. I found some amazing interesting story about him. He lost his vision at age 13. He became a climber at age 16. According to article and Wikipedia he climbed all tallest mountain on all seven continents. Erik Weihenmayer was the first blind person who reach top of the Mt. Everest. Erik Weihenmayer reach Mt. Everest may 25, 2001. He was honored with a Time Magazine cover story.

At the age of 32, Erik began his climb as part of a 19-member team. His team wore bells that he could fallow during his climb, and fellow climbers were quick to warn him of such things as a big drop on the or a boulder to the left. Erik also used long climbing poles and an ice ax to feel his way across the ice, rock. And snow on the mountain.

The article mentions that during his climb, Erik encountered many dangers. He struggled through 100 m.p.h. winds and sliding masses of snow, ice and the rock , because the air became thinner the higher Erik climbed, he wore an oxygen mask, as do many other people who climb the high mountains. Oxygen mask helps all the people to breath as they were climbed higher and higher. In this article also mention Erik took two and a half months to reach the top of this incredible mountain.

It is an inspiration for me to write an article that if the person is determined he can achieve anything he want that he/she aspires for. From today, I will do more interesting record to bring my country’s name in the world Nepal.