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Welcoming Promulgation of the Nepali Constitution

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UntitledANMA Press Release September 20, 2015 Welcoming Promulgation of the Nepali Constitution The Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) along with millions of Nepalis both in and out of Nepal, welcomes the promulgation of the new constitution drafted by Nepal’s Constituent Assembly (CA). We congratulate the people of Nepal and the Nepali diaspora. This new constitution is a step forward towards a truly democratic, inclusive, and progressive future for the country. ANMA has, in the past years, issued several press releases requesting the CA to promulgate a forward-looking Constitution, including religious freedom, non-ethnic based federalism, and sovereignty of the people. This Constitution has fulfilled our requests. It was the result of a long, unrelenting struggle by the Nepali people to achieve their fundamental democratic rights. We join in the joy of Nepali people in this moment of immense hope, possibility and future of an open society. We are aware that there were some unsatisfied political forces in Nepal which did not participate in the ultimate stages of the constitutional process, and we are left saddened by the tragic events that have transpired. ANMA requests all dissatisfied parties to come to the negotiating table and resolve outstanding issues for the sake of people and the nation. In view of the prevalent conflict and dissensions, there is an urgent need for judiciousness on the part of our senior politicians. We also trust that Constituent Assembly members and other national leaders will exercise a vision in the national interest and make the compromises needed. ANMA requests its members to organize celebrations across the Midwest and all over the United States of America to commemorate this historic achievement by the people of Nepal. The Association of Nepalese in Midwest America is a 35-year old organization primarily serving some 70,000 plus Nepalis and Nepali-Americans in the US Midwest. We have always taken an interest in the events in, continuing development and progress of Nepal and have frequently, taken the lead in expressing our diaspora viewpoints. Sushil Sharma, President, Association of Nepalese in Midwest America Bharat Kandel, General Secretary 3281 Tranquility Point, Lexington KY 40509 Email: [email protected]