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Press Release-NASeA/ANMA 11th Joint Convention, 2015

इनेप्लिज २०७२ भदौ २७ गते २२:२१ मा प्रकाशित
NASeA (Nepalese Association in Southeast America) and ANMA (Association of Nepalese in Midwest America) 11th Joint Convention was held on 4-6 September 2015 at High Point, Greensboro in North Carolina.
Concludes Successfully
The historic NASeA / ANMA 11th joint convention was held on 4-6 Sept 2015 at High Point, Greensboro in North Carolina which was locally hosted by Triad Nepali Community Center (TNCC). This convention was historically a GRAND SUCCESS, which was inaugurated by Chief Guest His Excellency Nepalese Ambassador Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki,. The convention, which is the highest record so far in any previous joint convention. The main theme of this joint convention was “Help us to rebuild Nepal. Save the lost at any cost”.
The joint convention welcomed more than 1000 Nepalese Community members throughout the United States and Nepal as well .Convention Chair Madhav Dakhal, NASeA President Dr. Ram Chandra Baral/Executive members, ANMA President Sushil Sharma /executive members, Co chairs, various committee chairs, and volunteers family members of these leaders who supported tirelessly during this Convention  and  hosting organization Triad Nepalese Community Center(TNCC) president Narayan Khadka and his executives played a vital role in setting the direction right from the beginning, and also successfully accomplishing the goal. The venue Embassy Suite hotel was spacious, attractive and hotel management was very helpful. Reception and registration management led by president of NepaleseCenter of North Carolina ( NCNC) Dr Thakur Karki.
The formal inauguration ceremony was on Sunday ,6th September and featured convention Chair Madhav Dhakal ,Chief Guest His Excellency Nepalese Ambassador Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki ,NASeA president Dr Ram Chandra Baral ,ANMA president  Sushil Sharma,TNCC President Narayan Khadka, NRNUSA President Dr. Keshab Poudel, ANA president Roger Aadhikary,  Candiadte for NRN Global Ratan Jha, council member at large Steve Rao Convention chair Mr Dhakal welcomed to the chief guest , special guest and participants in  the  convention. Chief Guest Dr. Karki spoke about government of Nepal and its outreach to the Nepali communities. All the speakers were mostly highlighted to serve the Nepalese Diaspora and to rebuild the

motherland. .
More than 48 various informative and joyful forums and sessions coordinated by program chair Dr Manoj Jha, an effective sports tournament of 10 soccer teams and 5 volleyball teams coordinated by Dr Ritesh Paudyal, the delicious lunch and dinner with well management for distribution and seating arrangement led by Roshan Shrestha, well participated and an excellent adult and youth literary competitive event led by Manoj Pradhan , Essay competition led by Dr Sushma Pradhan, Nepali Pathshala session led by Dr Shaubhaya , NRN NCC USA forum and TEEJ Celebration coordinated by Radha Paudel, youth talent show coordinated by Shailendra Bajracharya, youth forum led by Ambika Sharma and Rama Neupane, walk and run coordinated by Dr Lila Karki, presentation about the construction of TNCC building on model and blue print led by founding president Basanta Khadka were greatly appreciated. Media forum led by Shiva Bista.One of the most entertaining and joyful cultural
and concert program performed by many talented community members and nationally recognized Nepalese artists including duo musician and singer Sambhujit Baskota and Nhu Bajracharya, singers Ram Krishna Dhakal, SatyaRaj  Acharya ,Swarup Raj Acharya , Arun Karki, Astha Raut and Sameer Acharya were rocking performances and more than 20 dances and songs from our local talents.. Concert program was coordinated by Bishal Bharati and Nagen Sotan and cultural program was coordinated by Pradip Krish Ghimire and Shiva Bista.  Six Uniquely talented MCs, Surya Thapa, Bishal Bharati,,Richa Ghimire, Pradeep Krisk Ghimire, Dipak Ranabhat and Nilam Bharati hosted concert and  cultural program. Participants from more than 30 states with more than 15 presidents and executives of various Nepalese based other organizations were made this joint convention a GRAND SUCCESS. Almost a dozen different media personnel broadcasted this convention news through TV, print and online
news portal.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to our chief guest Nepalese Ambassador to USA H.E. Dr Arjun Kumar Karki, Council Member at Large Steve Rao, Swami Atmananda Giri, Vice Mayor Kiran {Ron} Sitaula ,MD , convention chair Madhav Dhakal, President of NRN NCC USA Dr. Keshav Poudel, ANA President Roger Adhikari, renowned Novelist Krishna Dharabasi, NASeA Immediate past president Dr Ram Chandra Baral and his executives, ANMA President Sushil Sharma and his executives, all past presidents and advisers of NASeA and ANMA, INLS President Padam Biswokarma, Blood Donors of America President Dr Lila Karki, all media personnel, all the participants and their spouses and children.
This convention also holds another new record of election on all positions of NASeA Executive Committee. We would also thank chairperson of election commission Dr Prahlad Pant and his team members Dr Narayan Rajbhandari and Dr Khusi Ram Tiwari, chairperson of Voters’ Verification Committee Dr Prakash Malla and his team members Ajaya Satyal and LekhNath  Sharma. The following energetic, dynamic and social leaders were elected for the tenure of 2015-17 of NASeA Executive Committee. Installation ceremony was organized by election commission right after the announcement of newly elected NASeA Executive committee.
NASeA Executive Committee (2015-17)
President- Bimal Nepal, FL
Executive VP- Shailendra Bajracharya, GA
VP- Tara Prasad Poom Magar, GA
General Secretary- Shiva Bista, NC
Joint Secretary-Krishna Shrestha, FL
Treasurer- Pashupati Neupane, GA
Executive Board Members
Dr Niroj Basnet, NC
Udhav Karki, NC
Krishna Raj Devkota, GA
Sushil Nepal, NC
Gajendra Aryal. MD
Dr Suman Silwal, AL
Choodamani Khanal, FL
Dr Manoj Jha, NC
Yogeshwor Karki, GA
Bhuwan Khanal, NC
Manish Shakya, SC
Narendra Baral, SC
Bidya W Gurung, GA
Girwan Raj Pandey, GA
Satish Chandra Gupta, SC
The president of Greater St. Louis Nepali Chautari Balaram Panthi has announced that the 12 Th NASeA / ANMA joint convention is going to be hosted by GSTLNC at the beautiful city St. Louis, Missouri in labor weekend of 2016.A big thanks goes to President Balaram Panthi and his entire team members of GSTLNC for this decision.
Any amount saved from this convention will be utilized to rebuild Nepal.
With Best Regards,
Bimal Nepal                                                                       Sushil Sharma
President                                                                                President
&                                                                                              &
Shiva Bista                                                                        Bharat   Kandel
General Secretary                                                           General Secretary
NASeA                                                                                     ANMA