बुधबार, असोज ६ २०७८
काठमाडौं १७:४७
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Nepal Needs more of Shanta Chaudhary from every community.

इनेप्लिज २०७२ भदौ ११ गते २:४५ मा प्रकाशित



gopi upreti

We all feel very sad and disappointed about the unfortunate incidence that resulted in the


death of police SSP Laxman Neupane, seven other police personnels and a two year old


child.  Our deepest condolences to the families of these fallen heroes and all those who lost


their lives. The nature of the attack on police personnels and the cruel and gruesome


killings of these innocent individuals clearly indicates that it was a premediated criminal


act by the criminal miscreants who infiltrated the Tharuhat agaitation. This incidence


should be analyzed in the light of very provocative statements made by some Madeshi


leaders in Tikapur a few days ago. They incited Tharuhat agitators to attack non-tharu


Pahades in a bid to secure Tharuhat territory they claimed. Such blatant provocation and


incitement for violence against one community by another can’t be considered a peaceful


protest by any measure. The assailants armed with axes, spares and batons attacked police


personnels in such a cruel and brutal manner while police SSP was trying to calm down the




This is the time that every reasonable mind from all entities (communities, ethnicities,


political parties and civil society) come forward with cool mindset and rational thinking


and enter into the dialogue with the understanding that no entity can have both, a cake and


eat it. Rationally speaking, we all know that a constitution is a document of compromises of


all the stake holders. When we surrender rationality to emotions and let provocateurs rule


over our emotions, we are all destined to self-destruction and we all become the losers.


Shanta Chaudhary, a member of the 1st constitution assembly rightly stated that सबै जाती


समुदाय मिलेर बस्नुको विकल्प छैन । नयाँ संविधानमा आफ्ना माग राख्न सबै स्वतन्त्र


छन् र हामी थारु समुदायलाई पनि त्यो अधिकार छ । कुनै पनि आन्दोलनको


बहानामा हिँसा मच्चाउनेहरुबाट सम्पूर्ण जनता सजग हुनुपर्छ र सरकार झनै चनाखो


हुनुपर्छ ।


What Nepal needs right now is more of the kind of Shanta Chaudhary from every


community/ethnicity, civil society and political parties. The leaders of the major political


parties should not delay the process of reconciliation and dialogue to address the


reasonable concerns of various ethnic communities with respect to the federalism. Let us


not forget that Nepali society is a multicultural, multi-religious and multi-ethnic pluralistic


society. The constitutions of a country must address the needs and aspirations of these


diverse communities with provisions that can ensure their place in the law of the land.


Rational thinking and common human decencies (love, compassion, cooperation, honesty


and integrity) are capable of guiding human behavior and morality.  Let us hope reason and


rationality will prevail over the racial hatred and political arrogance. Please read Shanta


Chaudhary’s statement in the link http://www.arthasarokar.com/2015/08/3434.html