Dr. Keshab Paudel Appeals to Diaspora living in The USA

इनेप्लिज २०७२ वैशाख १९ गते २२:५४ मा प्रकाशित

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Recent earthquake disaster in Nepal has left us all heartbroken. Ones enduring this disaster are in need of help from all of us. They are struggling for a roof over the head, for food to eat and for clean water to drink. Health care supplies are short. During this period of unfathomable tragedy, all Nepali people living abroad have shown unprecedented generosity and solidarity. NRN USA’s fundraising effort was received with huge enthusiasm. NRN is already on the ground in Nepal helping with disaster relief operation with the help of its volunteers, many of whom have travelled to Nepal for this purpose. NRN has proposed and different organizations and community leaders around the country have asked NRN USA to lead a collective relief delivery operation.

At this time, a co-ordinated and concerted effort for relief delivery is necessary and I would like to assure all donor individuals and organizations that we will provide every penny of your donation directly to the needy victims of this earthquake. All of our volunteers on the ground from Nepal and those traveling to Nepal from the US are using their own personal funds for overhead and therefore our relief operations are “ZERO OVERHEAD”. We will provide receipts and details of expenses to all donor organizations.

I appeal to all individuals and organizations to join in this concerted effort to deliver relief through NRN USA. A unified action through NRN will not only help in efficient “ZERO OVERHEAD” delivery of relief, but also will exhibit solidarity of Nepali diaspora at the time of need and strengthen the voice of NRN.

Thank you

Dr Keshab Paudel
President Elect