Nepalese Students at New Mexico State University (NMSU) organize an International Conference

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Nepalese Students at New Mexico State University (NMSU) organize an International Conference on Partnership between Diaspora and Homeland

LAS CRUCES, NM-On 21 March, 2015, the Nepalese students Association (NeSA) at NMSU successfully organized a day-long seventh international conference with a theme “Strategic Partnership between Diaspora and Homeland”. The students and guest from University of New Mexico (UNM), New Mexico State University (NMSU) and University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) presented their research work in the program.

In the opening session of the conference, distinguished guests provost Dr. Cornell Menking, Graduate dean Dr. Louy Reyes and head of Chemistry department Dr. William Quintana gave welcome speeches. Dr. Menking mentioned that this program helped NMSU internationalize its activities.   In his welcome speech, De. Reyes said that  all the Graduate Student Organization should be incorporated in the program in the coming days. “The students from Nepal are really a big power of the department and they are very energetic and creative”, Dr. Quintana said in his welcome speech. The program hosted by the conference Coordinator Rishi R Sapkota started with the participant singing the national anthems of Nepal and United States of America for a minute. NeSA vice-president Uttar Kumar Shrestha read the message of good wishes from Dr. Ambika P. Adhikari, Research Professor at Arizona State University, who was the Keynote Speaker of NeSA Sixth International Conference.

Rajan Koirala, the president of NeSA chaired the program and welcomed all the participants on behalf of NeSA. He said, “Nepal cannot progress from the remittance based economy alone. It is the duty of the diaspora to serve the county with the expertise they have, for the eternal progress of the country”.

Students presented their research work in the first and second sessions while third session was dedicated to the talk related to Nepal for the guest speakers. In the first and second sessions of the conference, Eshan Dahal (NMSU), Sarvesh Dhakal (UTEP), Sanjay Timilsina (UTEP), Zheng (David) Wei (NMSU), Rishi Sapkota (NMSU), Melody Handali (NMSU), Roshani Rajbanshi (NMSU), Sudip Gaire (NMSU),  Mukunda Acharya (UTEP),  Erika Y. Monroy (NMSU), Prajwal Tamrakar(UTEP), Deepak Basyal (NMSU) and Menuka Karki (NMSU) presented their work. In the third session, guest speaker and young scientist Dr. Basanta Giri (Kathmandu Institute of Science & Technology) who recently returned to Nepal from USA focused his presentation on the challenges and opportunities of scientific research in Nepal. He said, “the diaspora often do not want to go back to homeland  because there is no encouragement from government to do serious research”. Other guest speakers, Dr. Ramesh Giri (UNM) , Dr. Doleshwor Bhandari (UNM), Dr. Paras Mandal (UTEP), Dr. Steven Archambault (NMSU) and Dr. Madan R. Paudel (Gallup) also discussed the role of diaspora to help solve developmental challenges in Nepal specifically related to electric power, agriculture, education and health care management.

Keynote speaker Dr. Gyanu Lamichhane from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine gave a talk on the partnership between Diasporas and native land. “A nation can only prosper if its people are educated. For that, Nepal should adopt decentralization in education and establish universities with research facilities in remote parts of the country also”, he stated.

NeSA advisors Dr. Ram Acharya and Dr. Anup Amatya distributed the certificates of appreciation to all the speakers and guest speakers. The Program was concluded with the thank you message from Mr. Sapkota followed by dinner.   The  8th NeSA conference will take place on 12th March 2016.