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इनेप्लिज २०७१ माघ १६ गते ११:२८ मा प्रकाशित
Dear respected members of DC Metro Chapter, International Nepali Literary Society (INLS).
This gives us an immense pleasure to announce the election process for the board of DC Metro Chapter of the International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) as per the bylaws of INLS DC Metro Chapter. The election committee, hereby, calls for the nominations for the following positions from the interested members of the DC Metro Chapter of INLS for the next two years terms:1. President
2. Vice President
3. General Secretary
4. Secretary
5. Treasure
Members at Large -3The nomination must be submitted (mailed) to the following address by February 12 , 2015 with the following information:

i. Name of the position
ii. Name of the nominee
iii. Name and signature of the nominator
iv. Name and signature of the person seconding it
v. A signed statement from the nominee stating that he/she agrees to the nomination
vi. A check of $25.00 written to INLS for the INLS Chapters elections
VII. Contact address of the nominee
Khem Bhattachan ,
Chair, INLS DC Metro Chapter, Elections committee
[email protected]
Election committee members
Dr. Yogendra Paneru, Ph.D.
Dr. Bibek Pandey, Ph.D.
ELECTION ACTIVITY TIMELINEObjection or complaint, if any, to the published names of the voters of the INLS DC Metro Chapter members must be brought to the attention of election committee before February 14, 2015 by the email.
Final list of the candidates will be announced and mailed on February 15, 2015. Two days (forty eight hours) will be given for any challenge or objection to the list of candidate or withdrawal of candidates from their candidacy (If any document is missing from the required nomination papers, nominee will be notified by e-mail and by phone (message left at the phone number supplied on the nomination paper). A time of forty eight hours will be given to bring the nomination in compliance with the required documents. After that period, the nomination will be rejected and will no longer be valid).
If there are more than one candidates for one position , an election will be held. A ballot with the names of the candidates for the contested position will be supplied to the DC Metro Chapter’s members by e-mail on March 12 , 2015 and the ballots are to be submitted by email within 24 hours. Only one vote for every DC Metro Chapter ‘s member (one email address) will be acceptable.
Ballots will be counted on the evening of February 13, 2015 in the presence of representatives of candidates.
The results will be double checked and announced on February 14th , 2015.
The Elected officers will nominate for Any member of the DC Metro Chapter who can volunteer to be a member of the Advisory Committee .
Newly elected officers, Board members will be sworn in and take oath of office on March 15th Sunday 2015
The election committee expects every member of the INLS DC Metro Chapter will fully and enthusiastically participate in the electoral process culminating in the formation of a new executive body with visionary leadership.
Thank you very much for your support and participation.
Khem Bhattachan ,
Chair, INLS DC Metro Chapter, Elections committee
[email protected]
Election Chair: Khem Bhattachan,
Past President,America-Nepal Society,
Washington D.C.
Election committee members
Dr. Yogendra Paneru, Ph.D.
Dr. Bibek Pandey, Ph.D.